Monday, June 15, 2015

It Might Get Loud. Film

Well, that was entertaining, informative and a pleasure to watch and listen to. If you don’t like the electric guitar then please ignore this post. Because as the title states.

“It Might Get Loud”. 

Three of Rocks passionate guitar players telling us what it was like at the beginning of their time and growing into what we know and love. It’s quite cool watching “Jimmy Page” putting on a 45 (his 45) of Link Wray’s “Rumble” and talking about it or “Edge” building his own guitar from the ground up or “Jack White” playing for an audience of serious seniors. How they recorded, where they practiced and what it felt like. They are unique in styles and approach to the instrument and it shows through clearly for even us slightly less talented folk. Edge's drive to find just the right sound makes brain surgery look easy and I think he uses more equipment to do so. Jack teaches his younger self to play instruments in ways they were not intended to be played. At least for most people. There is also a history of rock lesson here that is a fun learning experience. They get together and chat and of course they play for us. Yes! There is plenty of early footage that is, of course, hilarious. I wonder if Jimmy ever did any of that Biological research? Probably.

The film is made very well with some great photography of the times and places. It’s sure to please so watch it and turn it up loud. It’s on Netflix.

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